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Asparagus season

Asparagus season is here - time for the delicious vegetable!

Asparagus season 2024

Asparagus salad

with spring onions and egg on vinaigrette, served with baguette and butter
15.50 €

For asparagus lovers: asparagus burger

200 g juicy beef patty with fried asparagus pieces, romaine lettuce, tomato and Hollandais sauce, topped with Emmental cheese, served with wedges

21.50 €

Asparagus meets Schnitzel: our "Spargelbub"

Asparagus vegetables with new potatoes and a breaded pork cutlet

22.50 €

One should offer the body something good so that the soul feels like living in it

Winston Churchill

Best quality

We pay attention to quality so that our guests are satisfied.

seasonal dishes

Every season has its own vegetable and fruit salad. These are freshly prepared and refined with our homemade sauces and dressings, or used for a delicious dessert.

Asparagus, berries, pumpkin, mushrooms, hearty roast dishes, goose & Co. can be found on the corresponding season tickets. Several times a year our chef puts together an extra menu with the best seasonal ingredients. This complements our American cuisine and offers exciting culinary delights.

local products

Regional products are used throughout our kitchen. Wherever possible, we buy regionally and locally. It is important to us that good products with short delivery routes arrive fresh on the table. In this way we can support the providers in our area at the same time.

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